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Coming in Pays de Savoie (Savoie and Haute Savoie departments) is entering a region that has borders with Switzerland and Italy, and a long and complex history. The final point of this history was in 1860 when Savoie was definitely incorporated into France.

Despite the influences linked to the various occupations of the territory throughout the centuries, the Alpine and mountain character is still very present in every day life : the respect and love for nature and mountains, the discretion in human relationships, the love for work well done.

Marked by this history, the local gastronomy has taken advantage of both the mountain traditions and the developments of tourism since 150 years : here the traditional mountain dishes get along with great gastronomic cuisine, illustrated by 5 chefs having received stars from the famous Guide Michelin.

The most famous local products are cheeses, the closest to Annecy are Reblochon and Tome des Bauges.

The lake itself offers fine fishes such as Féra or Omble Chevalier.

There is another important speciality : the chocolate factories are famous, in particular with the "Roseau" filled with mountain liqueur!

And just like almost everywhere in France, our 2 departments have an old wine making tradition, in particular renowned white wines like Apremont and Roussette.

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